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Beefy Returns enables customers to purchase cattle from Central American ranchers committed to regenerative cattle ranching, a cost-effective, profitable and earth-friendly approach to raising high-quality grass fed beef cattle. Once cattle mature and are sold at auction, Beefy Return customers share in the profits. The average annual return (AAR) for Beefy Return customers since 2021 is between 11% - 13%.

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Beefy Returns has recognized that global demand for beef and meat products is robust and in order to meet this demand responsibly, with lower environmental impact, we need to partner with ranchers directly.


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Beefy Returns provides customers with the ability to own beef cattle raised by experienced Nicaraguan ranchers  committed to regenerative cattle ranching, a cost-effective  and earth-friendly approach to raising high-quality grass-fed beef cattle. Once the cattle are mature these cattle are sold at market value and you share in the profits - which have historically delivered an 11% - 13% average annual return (AAR) for customers.

On a per-capita basis, Nicaraguan ranchers raise more beef cattle than anyone in the world.  Demand for their grass-fed beef far outstrips supply. The challenge in this developing country is to grow and expand sustainably. Beefy enables customers to profit from their cattle appreciation.

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Beefy Returns offers customers the opportunity to own beef cattle whether you are an individual, group, or organization.


Beefy Returns enables customers to buy their own beefy cattle raised by highly skilled Nicaraguan ranchers who are committed to regenerative cattle ranching and secure the funding they need.

Cattle Purchase Opportunities

With Beefy Returns, you can buy into sustainable cattle ownership. Since 2021, Beefy Returns has generated average annual profit sharing return between 11% - 13% for customers.

Empowering Ranchers

Beefy Returns vets each cattle ranching partner and works closely to ensure that the farms in our program have a track record of success in regenerative cattle ranching practices.


Beefy Returns providing regular updates and status reports to our buyers keeping them informed about the progress of the cattle purchased by project.


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