Regenerative ranching works in concert with nature. We plant trees and scrubs that anchor the soil and support the grasslands. Here in Central America cattle live in nature rather than on feed lots and the result is less methane, carbon production, happier cows and sustainable land use.”

Beefy Returns Rancher

Regenerative Farming

This sort of farming builds on the natural advantages of raising beef cattle in a tropical climate – where feedstock – grass and scrubs – grow year-round, creating low impact food sources for cattle.

Regenerative ranching also requires ranchers to consider a large ecosystem – using trees, nutrient rich shrubbery like Buton d ’Oro and fast growing trees to create strong root structures that reduce soil erosion. The favorable growing conditions also eliminate the need for fertilizers to grow feed.

Sustainable Land Management for Beef Production

Under this system, where participating ranchers use husband their lands – putting up temporary fencing that concentrates cattle in one area to graze and then channels them into a new area every day. This enables ranchers to constantly rejuvenate their pasture land, while distributing waste materials across a wider area reducing the impact of methane production and waste.

As one rancher participating in the Beefy Returns program explained, “You move cattle with fencing – so you are using only the amount of land per cattle per day. If I have 100 hectares then I’ll fence 400 cows onto a hectare for one day and then move the fencing the next day. In this manner, we’re using a hectare fully and then letting it replenish and rest for 99 day.

Nicaragua's Cattle Powerhouse

Nicaraguan ranchers like Javier produce more beef cattle per capita than anyone else in the world. A 365 day growing season, abundant fresh water supplies and generations of hard-won expertise has turned tiny Nicaragua into a cattle powerhouse. These ranchers lack is capital to grow and expand their operations. Beefy Returns helps ranchers in Central America expand their operations while providing anyone, anywhere the opportunity to get into the regenerative cattle business a couple of cows at a time.

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