Beefy Returns Overview

Beefy Returns has recognized that global demand for beef and meat products is robust and in order to meet this demand responsibly, with lower environmental impact, we need to partner with ranchers directly.
We give individuals around the world the ability to buy directly into a growing niche regenerative cattle market and support a community of vetted-ranchers committed to profitably growing their operations responsibly.

Business Model

Beefy Returns offers a profit-sharing partnership between our clients and vetted Nicaraguan cattle ranchers.
  • Acting as your agent, we buy young beef cattle at auction.
  • The cattle assets are raised by our farmers who use sustainable, cost-effective regenerative ranching practices.
  • Once the cattle assets reach target weight (within ~9 months), we sell your cattle and you receive profit sharing resulting from the sale. To date customers have resulted in an average annual return (AAR) of between 11% - 13% on their cattle profit sharing based on the appreciation of their cattle.
  • Beefy Returns insures every cow purchased. In the event of loss, clients are refunded the initial price paid for each head of cattle at auction, minus $75 for veterinary, transport and care and feeding offset.

A Central American Cattle Powerhouse

How does a country of less than seven million people become one of the largest per-capita producers of grass-fed beef in the world?
HowThanks to a combination of favorable geography: low population density, large amounts of well-watered pasture and grazing land, a tradition of pragmatic animal husbandry and local know-how.
Beefy Returns works with Nicaraguan farmers who are committed to sustainable farming practices and apply a regenerative farming model.

What’s the cost to Beefy Return customers?

The customer cost to purchase cattle is around $700 USD/per head, with a minimum purchase of two calves. In addition, the customer contributes $75 USD per head to offset care and feed costs. Any variable costs above this care and feeding is absorbed by Beefy Profits. This fixed cost approach coupled with insurance cattle insurance

What is the sustainable Regenerative Ranching Model?

“Regenerative ranching works in concert with nature. We plant trees and scrubs that anchor the soil and support the grasslands. Here in Central America cattle live in nature rather than on feed lots and the result is less methane, carbon production, happier cows and sustainable land use.” – Javier, Beefy Returns Rancher.
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